Levitate Studio 创立于中国上海,是一家为商业与艺术展览创造交互装置、影像和系统的专业工作室,工作室团队包括来自各地的设计师、程序员和工程师,我们在交互设计与软件研发上提供独特的解决方案。

Levitate Media Lab 是工作室独立运行的新媒体实验室,专注于探索新兴科技在人机交互过程中所蕴含的新的可能性,并将其研究成果应用于创造性的项目和艺术作品中。

Levitate Studio design and build interactive objects, installations, environments for tradeshows and exhibitions. We provide unique solutions incorporating our expertise in interaction design and software development.

The studio has a project development studio and media lab in Shanghai. The multi-disciplinary team including designers, creative coders, engineers masters advanced technology of interaction.

Levitate media lab focus on using all kinds of new technology to explorer possibilities between art and sciences for creative projects and art works.